What we offer

Marine packaged air conditioner

marine packaged air conditioner is the core of the marine air condition system. It is intended to regulate the temperature and humidity of ambient air is applied widely to passenger ships, good vessels, naval ships, and offshore oil platforms.

It has features of the new design, easy operation, smooth running ad safety. Pressure test, vacuum test, and performance test have been conducted on the air conditioner. It is ready to run after the relevant piping is connected and power is on.

Marine self-container air conditioner

Navy or marine cabinet air conditioner has features of compact structure, solid and reliability with imported hermetic compressor, low noise fan, framing structure and high-quality casing..

It includes cooling/heating type(electric heated) and single cooling type applying to various ships.Steam heater can be designed and supplied at use’s demand..

Packaged cold room


The packaged cold room consists of plates, door, and other components. Players and door frame are provided with connecting parts. Insulations of plate employ hard flame-resistance polyester foam.

The cold room has features of high-intensity security, good insulation performance, no cold bridge, light easy to installation less material ,corrosion -resistance and good appearance etc. It is easy for pre-fabrication in shop or assembly in the field and easy to obtain high quality with the structure of the module. It applies to marine cold storerooms of the large/middle ship with simple structure